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How to Make Winter Cozy

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During the long winters in Iceland, sunshine hours are short. The darkest months are December and January. During the shortest days, around 22nd of December, there are only around four hours of daylight. Outside it’s often dark, cold and windy. Of course, there can be a lot of snow as well. The sun is seen occasionally but if the weather is bad, there is a period of time when the sun can’t be seen at all. Some places in Iceland don’t even have sunlight for 1-2 months during the darkest months. Those places and towns are surrounded by big mountains and because of its low position the sun can‘t reach over the mountaintops. Bíldudalur is one such place, located in the northwest part of Iceland, in an area called Westfjords. Bíldudalur is a fishing village and the sun can’t be seen there for almost three months. But don’t worry, when the darkness comes, I like to make it cozy. And to do that I have a special trick that I can show you. Or maybe it’s not that special, I just like to think of it as special 🙂

Here is a video of this special trick coming to life:

Yes, that was it … I know, it’s not the first time in the history of humanity somebody lights a fire. But if you prefer warm even temperature and less wind, staying indoor is the way to go during the winter in Iceland. Lighting up a few candlesticks can make your place very comfy. I love candles and the light they generate. They make me feel relaxed and make a nice change from the darkness of winter. Beautiful candleholders and variety of candles with or without fragrance are all my choices to decorate my home. Candlelights can be found everywhere around my home. Windowsills, dining table, sofa table, bathroom. On some special occasions, like big holidays or guest visiting, I feel candlelights are great decorations. They fill the room with cozy atmosphere.


In Iceland hot water comes naturally from the ground and we use that to heat many of our houses. In some areas electricity is also used. So heating houses is not depended on any kind of fire anymore in Iceland. Candlelights are not only used to decorate resident houses in Iceland. Also restaurants, coffee shops, bars and even some supermarkets.


Electric lights inside people’s homes most often have a nice yellow tone. Sometimes the brightness can be adjusted as well with dimmers. In China, where I’m from, a lot of people have kind of a blue toned light inside their houses. They feel it’s closer to daylight and won’t make them feel sleepy. Candlelights are usually only used when the electricity goes off in China. Rarely as decorations.


But a cause of warning! Be careful with fire indoors, don’t let anything near a lighted candle that can burn easily. Always keep safety first and remember to blow out the candles when you leave the room. For example, at my home I have at least three kinds of fire extinguishers of various sizes. One is placed in the living room, in an easy to reach place but hidden from sight. The other two are in the kitchen, in case I have an accident making something delicious. Now let’s enjoy some cozy candlelight moments that I’ve captured.


Do you like to have burning candles around your home? Leave a comment below or share on any of the social networks!

And remember … stay safe while trying this at home!


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