Sunglasses at Midnight: 7 Amazing Midnight Sun Photos


1. Sunset at Midsummer Night in Ólafsvík

Beautiful sunset can be found anywhere in Iceland. Ólafsvík is located on the north side of the Snæfellsnes peninsula, therefore the sunsets are often magnificent there.

2. Shine Like a Diamond

Not bad to see this view when you are having a walk. This is Hafnarfjörður harbor.

3. A Rooftop With a Midnight Sun View

Midnight sun shines over the cozy town – Hafnarfjörður. Hafnarfjörður is located only a 25 minute drive away from downtown Reykjavík. Easy to get by bus and a must see.

4. Stay With Me – Panorama

Follow the sunset. Magnificent sunset seen from Álftanes, a low-lying peninsula next to Reykjavík capital area.

5. Middle of Nowhere

The view from our tent.

6. Walking Along the Midnight Sun

Sunset at the harbor in Hafnarfjörður, exactly at the entry point to the harbor.

7. Life is a Highway

Driving around Iceland with this companion.


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