H ello everybody, my name is Lu Fang and I'm a native Beijinger (China), but found my love on the other side of the planet … Iceland. Since 2013 I've been living in this beautiful and wonderful country. Iceland has become a popular tourist destination and my aim is to share this amazing country with you online here on www.icelandcloseup.com. You will find pictures, articles and videos of delicious, funny and beautiful Iceland. Everything from the food to the volcanoes …

Join me and experience Iceland right here right now and I will do my best to give you a great trip!


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Other Team Members

Saevar Sigurdsson is a native Icelander. He's an experienced filmmaker who has worked in Iceland as a director and editor since the turn of the century. He takes care of all the videos on the site along with most of the back end stuff. Some of his past work can be seen here: www.prakkari.is

Company Info

Prakkari Pictures ehf. | PO Box 266, Hafnarfjordur 222, Iceland | ID number: 470518-0140 | VAT number: 131513

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